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P.T.L. Perrin (Patty) grew up as a military Brat, mostly in Europe, with no television and a huge imagination. Books were her entertainment and lifeline, her ties to worlds she’d never see and to people and characters who enriched her life through their stories. Her curiosity about strange places and phenomena on our planet and beyond led her to write her Teen/YA SciFi TETRASPHERE series, the story of four teens whose enhanced abilities were given to them for the purpose of fulfilling an ancient Cherokee prophecy. Her characters encounter and must learn to interact with two alien races and creatures most people believe are mythological. She is currently working on another Teen/YA/SciFi/Fantasy series.

Mom, grandmother and happy wife, Patty lives in South Florida where winter is her favorite season.


To learn more about P. T. L.:


*Author Showcase


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  1. Hi Patty. I’m just browsing and learning more about you.

    Good luck on your #RWISA “RISE-UP” TOUR, DAY 1, today!


  2. Patty, winter is my favorite season, as well!


  3. Hi, Patty! Enjoyed learning more about you!


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