#RWISA “REVOLUTION” Blog Tour – #RRBC #RWISARevolutionTour

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2/10/20 – Nonnie Jules
2/11/10 – Wendy Scott
2/12/20 – Jan Sikes
2/13/20 – Peggy Hattendorf
2/14/20 – Beem Weeks
2/15/20 – Rhani D’Chae
2/16/20 – Lynn Hobbs
2/17/20 – D. L. Finn
2/18/20 – Harriet Hodgson
2/19/20 – John Fioravanti

Where:  On the blogs of the following hosts…
Wendy Scott
Beem Weeks
Jan Sikes
Rhani D’Chae
Nonnie Jules
Yvette Calleiro
Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko
Bernard Foong
Marlena Smith
Bette Stevens
Robert Fear
Forrest Stepnowski
Ron Yates
Gwen Plano
Fiza Pathan
D. L. Finn
John Fioravanti
Miriam Hurdle
Suzanne Burke

What:  This is a two-fold tour.  One, it’s extra-special promotion for those RWISA Authors who purchased a RWISA tee and sent in a photo of them in or with it, in support of our awesome group; and two, it is an invitation to those who are sitting on the sidelines, wondering how they can also become members of this elite group of writers, OR those who have been straddling the fence for some time now, OR for those who want to improve on their writing, and are considering RWISA University.

We ask that you support each author along this tour by putting the full weight of your attention on them on their designated day as listed above.  One author will be promoted each day on several different blogs above.  If you’d like to join in the support, it’s not too late!  Simply reblog someone’s post or copy and paste all of the information from that day’s stop onto your own site.



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