2021 #RWISA “REVOLUTION” Blog Tour – @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #RWISARevolutionTour #RRBC #RWISA

2/11/21 – Harriet Hodgson
2/12/21 – Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko
2/13/21 – Yvette M. Calleiro
2/14/21 – Wendy J. Scott
2/15/21 – Linnea Tanner
2/22/21 – Jan Sikes
2/23/21 – Pat Garcia
2/25/21 – Karen Black
2/26/21 – Nonnie Jules

Where:  On the blogs of the following hosts…
(Members who are supporting the tour will be listed below when we receive their links.  We ask that you support each hosting blog with comments and social media shares).

Jan Sikes

Wendy Scott

Nonnie Jules

Pat Garcia

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

Robert Fear

Rox Burkey

Robbie Cheadle

Linnea Tanner

Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Linda Mims

Yvette Calleiro

Maretha Botha

Miriam Hurdle

Heather Kindt

What:  This is a two-fold tour.  One, it’s extra-special promotion for those participating  RWISA Authors who want to showcase their writing, and two, it is an invitation to those who are sitting on the sidelines, wondering how they can also become members of this elite group of writers, OR those who have been straddling the fence for some time now, OR for those who want to improve on their writing and are considering RWISA University.

We ask that you support each author along this tour by putting the full weight of your attention on them on their designated day as listed above.  One author will be promoted each day on several different blogs.  If you’d like to join in the support, it’s not too late!  Simply re-blog someone’s post or copy and paste all of the information from that day’s stop onto your own site.




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  1. I enjoyed every stop on this tour. I loved seeing so many people, even non-members, sharing the pieces. Thank you to all of you for sharing my poem/piece. I appreciate each and every one of you. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Nonnie, for sharing your vision of RRBC/RWISA is an organization in which authors actively support each other. Authors from RRBC and RWISA have inspired me to become a better writer and to explore other formats of writing such as poetry and short stories. I’m honored that my piece in the tour resonated with you. The topic gave me an opportunity to self-reflect on how the events in 2020 impacted me as a person and author. Thank you for your bold leadership.


  3. Thank you for sharing the post by Karen Block. It’s a reminder that even in trying times, we should look for the positive and move on with a sense of renewal to tackle the future. Congratulations to Karen for being a new member of RWISA!


  4. Thank you, Yvette, for sharing the inspirational post by Pat on how it is so important not to give up on your dreams. I’ve not read Don Quixote but am now curious to read his episodic tale. Good luck to Pat on your writing journey.


  5. Nonnie, All of the posts are a pleasure to read. Great event. Thank you for letting me host these talented authors.


  6. I am looking forward to reading and promoting the posts from all these amazing female authors. Have a great tour everyone.

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  7. Good Morning Nonnie,
    Thanks to you and your team. You all are the best.
    Shalom aleichem

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  8. Enjoy your tour, everyone! I look forward to reading your pieces.

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  9. I am looking forward to reading a piece from each of these amazing authors! Thanks for putting this together, Nonnie! 🙂

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  10. What an amazing line-up of RWISA authors! Please share each piece on your social networks.

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  11. Oh, how wonderful!! I always look forward to this event! Thank you, Nonnie!


  12. What fun! I’m looking forward to some excellent blogs.


  13. Ladies of RWISA, enjoy introducing everyone to the RWISA REVOLUTION!

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