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December 20, 2017

We here at RWISA, are always looking for ways to share our good books with the world!  This year, Wendy Scott and Jan Sikes had an amazing idea!  We invited our talented RWISA members to share with us a couple of sentences which included their names, the titles of their books, or their character names so that we could put them all together and make one big, MERRY story to share with you. (As you can see, some of us fell short on delivering ONLY a couple of lines).

Then, our dear, sweet Jan Sikes, took it upon herself to create this very extraordinary and entertaining read just for you.  Nonnie chimed in and made a few additions to include the names of some of the authors, and to add a bit of mystery and/or humor in some spots, so you’d know who exactly had authored which piece.  The titles have all been linked and if you would find it in your hearts to ignore our shameless plugs, we ask that you head to Amazon to pick up copies!  We also hope that you’ll be as entertained (and sometimes as confused) as we are in this story!  Hit it, RWISA!

{ATTN, RWISA MEMBERS:  Hopefully, we have spelled your names and your character names correctly…we hope that we’ve gotten your book titles spelled perfectly, as well, as Nonnie will not be going back to make any more touch-ups to this story as she is extremely busy closing out our year!  Enjoy!}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Christmas at The Glade gave Harmony Kent the shivers. It served her right, as she’d invented this place, after all. Still, the red on white didn’t feel festive. Not with all that blood in the snow.

But, Wendy Scott quickly sprinkled Fairy Dust on the tainted snow until the magic sizzled away the wrongness. She lifted her gaze upwards and whispered to the Christmas stars, “Tonight belongs to the dreamers.”

Unbothered, Nonnie Jules sat by the fire, daydreaming, with a wistful look on her face.  A deep sigh escaped her lips as the thought of her daughters not coming home for the holidays, hit her like a ton of bricks.  Sugarcoatin’ the situation, wouldn’t make her feel any better.   “If Only There Was Music right now,” she said aloud, “…this Christmas wouldn’t feel like such a nightmare.”

Christmas may be around the corner, but the arid, sizzling air of Southern California keeps Janie from fully embracing the season. Even with wreaths and reindeer hanging on every light pole from here to Tijuana, the thought of eggnog and Yule logs drive Janie to sigh while she searches and whispers “Next Therapist, Please.”

Also, in California, D.L. Finn had no idea, Things on a Tree wasn’t fiction when she wrote it. But, when Hope, the elf, grabbed her hand and everything disappeared into snowflakes, D.L. found that the line between reality and magic vanished when she stood in front of Santa.

(Adventures abound!)

“Why do you keep looking out the window?” Angel asked Sofia.

Startled, she quickly released the curtain and pasted a smile on her face. “No reason,” she said.

Angel looked questioningly at Ar’ch, who shrugged. As Sofia wrapped her arms around Ar’ch, he laughed and then telepathically sent his brother an image of a snowman.

Angel closed his eyes and felt for the moisture in the air outside.  Yvette Calleiro bestowed upon him Goddess-given ability, which he used to reshape those particles until tiny snowflakes began to fall in their backyard.  The white blanket of snow would finally reveal The One Discovered.

In the meantime, as Robert Fear gazed out to sea, his mind drifted back to Fred’s Diary from 1981 and his time in the Thai jail. Vivid memories of how he dreaded never having freedom at Christmas again swept over him.

A brief moment of panic turned quickly to guilt, when Bruce A. Borders realized he’d failed to purchase even a single gift for his family this Christmas. Procrastination wasn’t usually his style, but lately, he’d been too preoccupied, wondering what in the world was Inside Room 913.

Meanwhile, Oliver wrapped Harley’s present in tissue paper and hid it under the tree, knowing the dog would sniff out the special treats Mary Adler had made for him, no matter where they were hidden. He raised his glass and thought of absent friends, grateful for those who had made it home for Christmas and praying for those who were still hiding In The Shadow of Lies.

The star in the East Outshined all other stars. It led many to Bethlehem including Novy’s Son, Murray, who was seeking peace and unconditional love in his troubled life.

In Missouri, Gwen Plano was busy Letting Go Into Perfect Love by spreading good cheer and visiting with her family.

While on the Texas coast, My GRL explained to John W. Howell her Circumstances of Childhood and wished for peace for the holidays.

Linda Mims had strung so many glistening, brilliantly colored Christmas lights around her home, trees, and bushes, that cars full of looky-loos flocked to her street. Children were heard exclaiming, “Ooohh, look at The Neon House.”

Romance blossoms in Connecticut. As they finished arranging gifts under the elegantly appointed Christmas tree at Montrachet, Christiana’s home, she glanced at her ex-husband and said, “Michael, what would you like for Christmas?”

“To marry you . . . again,” he responded. Embracing her before she could answer, he kissed her passionately on the lips. She did not pull away. But, in her mind, she was grateful to Peggy Hattendorf that she had forced her to keep her focus away from the Son of My Father.

Billy Ray Chitwood sat in front of the dark TV screen. His mind wistfully rummaged through the six Bailey Crane Mysteries and the Sherlock hero he’d invented, along with his wife, Wendy. He wished for some magical cubicle of transfer that could beam them to him, here at Christmas time, so that they were safe from another Stranger Abduction.

Bernard Foong finds conflict with Daltonbury Hall and Hattonfield Abbey’s annual tradition. The schools’ glee club, together with their performing arts society, buck heads to put on this year’s Christmas pantomime of Peter Pan. Traditionally, males in British pantomime cross-dress to play female roles and vice versa.  Many know that it’s just a secret Initiation.

Undaunted and curled up on the sofa, Devon ran her fingers through the soft fur on the head of her new pup, Barnaby, a tiny black Lab who was an early Christmas gift from Mum and Dad.

“Ho, Ho, Ho.”

At the sound of Jem‘s voice, Michelle Abbott turned. Her gaze travels lazily from the Santa hat perched crookedly on his head, to the fur-trimmed jacket draping his body, before finally settling on his bare chest and exposed abs.

(Christmas magic was happening all around the globe simultaneously!  Boy, RWISA is busy!)

“Christmas in Saigon,” Charley grumbled, “ain’t hardly any kinda Christmas at all. Hell, Billy, it’s one hundred and ten degrees, and everything melts.”

Billy Battles grinned. “That’s what makes it so dad-blamed special, Charley. Back in Kansas, everybody has freezing snow and turkey on Christmas, but here in Saigon, we got a red-hot sun, a nice supply of Nha Trang lobster and lots of cold “33” Biere.”

Charley wasn’t convinced. “I still ain’t exactly rarin’ to sing no Jingle Bells.”

“You can add me to that number,” chimed Ron Yates.

It’s Tina’s first Christmas in Rome. She is alone – no family, no friends, and no place to go. Her Pregnant Future looms before her.  The streets are empty. People must spend Christmas indoors here, she thinks.  A soft tap on her door causes her to whirl around and head for the door. Nina stands there with a wide smile on her face. She thrusts a wrapped gift into Tina’s hand.

“Buon Natale!” she smiles and pulls Tina by the hand, leading her to the dining room. The room is filled with all the hostel residents and the Rev. Sisters. The dining table is laden with goodies.

“Buon Natale!” They all chime as Tina enters the room, dragged by Nina. Tina returns their greetings and joins the celebrations. Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko smiles, as the circle of love she’s created keeps going round and round.

(We circle the earth and find our way back to RWISA Island, where it is Christmas Eve.)

It was only after the tree had been set up for the RWISA Christmas party that a missing step ladder became an issue. But, Beem Weeks solved the conundrum by opening a copy of Jazz Baby and summoning Jobie Pritchett from its pages; that tall man had no problem placing the star atop our tree.

“Hey!” Called Archangel Michael, “It’s Christmas Eve! Tell The Fat Man he has to get out of bed!”

“I’ll do it,” Christopher responded, grabbing a wooden mallet. He flew as fast as his wings could carry him, right past Michael Lynes’ house and then on up to the North Pole.

Snow fell around them as Luke took Darlina’s hand and pressed it to his lips. “We’re home, sweetheart. Home at Last.”


(Have you applied to RWISA yet?  It’s THE place to be so what are you waiting for????)


July 24, 2017


RWISA Writers are on a mission to ensure that every book that a reader picks up to read, is a good one.  Beginning August 1st thru the entire month, a different RWISA Author will be profiled on anywhere from 50-60 blogs around the globe! Yes, one author profiled on MANY blogs in one day!

These written pieces in poetry or short story form, will give you a small glimpse into the talent of these writers that reside within the RWISA community.

If you have not signed on already, and would like to participate in this event by hosting on your blog during the month, please notify us immediately at

You can also help by reblogging and sharing every RWISA post you come across with your own followers and friends, on each of your social media forums.

Thank you for your support of this endeavor, as we travel the globe to show the world how to WRITE IT RIGHT, as we all WATCH “RWISA” WRITE!  It is our hope that the caliber of the writing presented, will encourage those who might need a bit of inspiration, to improve on their own writing.


September 7, 2016


Join us December 11 – 17, 2016 for an amazing multi-author blog tour featuring some the most talented writers in the industry!  No, you may not know their names…YET…but I assure you, their books…YOU WANT TO READ!  WHY?  These RWISA Authors are good at what they do and have all joined together to deliver what we should all expect from every book we pick up…GOOD, CLEAN, WRITING!  I don’t mean clean as in the genre or topic…I mean clean as in (almost) perfect, flawless, easy reading!  These are the books you should be reading!  These are the authors whose books should be at the top of your TBR list.  If you don’t know them, you will soon!

Here are the authors you will meet on the RWISA AMAZING WRITERS BLOG TOUR:

Peggy Hattendorf, Karen Ingalls, John Fioravanti, Marlena Smith, Beem Weeks, Harmony Kent, A. M. Manay, Joni Parker, Jan Sikes, Bette Stevens, Allison Williford, Lynn Hobbs, Richie Gerber, Gwen Plano, Bruce A. Borders, Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, Rachel Pruchno, Rea Nolan Martin, Rhani D’Chae, Wendy Scott, Nonnie Jules, Stephanie Collins, Linda Covella and Natalie Ducey.

IT PAYS TO BE A RWISA AUTHOR!  So, why aren’t you one?


May 3, 2016


If you have news to report, RWISA Members, please email and share!!!



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  1. I wondered where those lines I wrote went. Now I know. Splendid job, Jan, putting all of that together and working Saigon into a Christmas story. Billy and Charley are impressed–as am I.


  2. That was awesome! Thanks, Jan and Nonnie:) Happy New Year!

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  3. Thanks Jan! That was fun! Happy Holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

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  4. Here’s wishing everyone on RWISA an incredibly blessed Christmas! Thank you all for everything that you do!

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  5. This is beautifully put together, Jan and Wendy. It leaves a sweet taste in the mouth. 😀

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  6. harmonykentonline December 21, 2017 — 11:16 am

    What a fantastic compilation of all those different stories from around the globe! Bravo 🙂

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  7. Thanks to all the contributing RWISA writers – Merry Xmas!

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  8. What a feat to weave together so many disparate storylines! Bravo, Jan, you’ve created a delightful story!
    Happy Holidays everyone. ♥

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  9. You put this together brilliantly, Jan! I love it!

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  10. This Christmas story is just an example of the diversity of authors who reside on RWISA Island!

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  11. You’re right. The best of RRBC do reside here. I submitted an application (really would like to move in) Haven’t heard back yet.

    Patricia A guthrie (@paguthrie1)

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  12. Awesome! Can’t wait for this Author blog tour!!!

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  13. Awesome! Can’t wait for December! lols 🙂 Thank you so much, RWISA 🙂

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  14. harmonykentonline May 11, 2016 — 10:08 am

    LOL. We need to make you a sign to put on the door: Quiet: Creative Genius hard at work!!
    Don’t be fooled by the snoring … it’s the brain whirring away at speed! 🙂

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  15. John F., you really know how to relax. When the mind is at rest like that, that’s when the genius begin to flow. You must have something cooking there right now. 🙂

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  16. This is so funny….and clearly there is a genius at work! 🙂


  17. I love that picture! It is my absolute fave! Beem is going to have a field day with this one! LOL! John, what are you writing? I know, a new children’s book called “SLEEPY TALES!”

    Well, you just never know what you might find in THE RWISA REPORT!!!!!

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  18. Don’t be fooled… a creative genius is at work behind those eyelids!

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