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The written word and I
Are cherished friends,
Embracing each other’s thoughts and emotions
Like kindred spirits,
Dancing on clouds.
Bosom buddies who gossip and giggle
And gasp at all the same moments.
She and I are equals,
More than that, really.
We are two parts of a whole,
Complementing and complimenting the other,
Perfect beings.

The spoken word and I
Skirt around each other’s social circles.
We stumble around awkward pauses,
Unable to pull the perfect word or phrase
From our filing cabinet of knowledge.
Ease and grace flee without a moment’s notice.
She is more skilled than I.
She whispers her intricately woven ideas into my mind,
But her delicate strength is no match for
The hills of anxiety and the mountains of insecurity
That obstruct her path to freedom.
Before her words can reach my tongue,
They unravel into shreds of confusion,
Left unspoken.

If only the written word and the spoken word
Could meet…
They would live in perfect harmony.
But alas…
It is not meant to be,
Neither willing to leave her domain,
Each content to dance alone,
And I…
I am stuck in the middle,
Pulled in both directions,
Reveling in the comfort of the written word,
Needing the spoken word to survive.
But still I dream
Of the day when my words will intermingle
And a new love affair can be born.



I have been locked up in an attic for years so that my mother could inherit millions.

I have battled with beavers and mice and dwarfs to save Narnia.

I have sat on my hands at the bottom of stairs, starving, while my family ate a full meal above me.

I carried the ring of doom around my neck in hopes of saving a nation from the evil eye.

I fell in love with a vampire and risked it all to be with him.

I raced against time to save the Vatican from a bomb made of antimatter.

I fought alongside my fellow wizards and witches to defeat the most powerful evil wizard ever.

I befriended a handicapped man only to have to kill him to keep him from going to jail.

I created a swim team in my hometown to right the wrongs that had been done to a disabled boy.

I discovered who I was as I battled Downworlders and fell in love with a Shadowhunter.

I accepted an adventure to find a treasure that was protected by a dragon.

I was rescued by a prince after being locked in a castle and put into a deep sleep.

I lost my husband way too soon and later fell in love with his best friend who then saved my life.

I had my body taken over by an alien and refused to let her take over my life.

I survived the cruel and hideous torture of the concentration camps.

I fell in love with my family’s enemy.

I have lived many lives.

I have dreamt many dreams.

I am the whispers that speak through the ink that beautifully decorates the pages.

I am a reader.



For years, I was the beautiful centerpiece,

The elegant, most prized decoration of the home.

I was bright and cheery, tall and elegant.

Everyone always stopped to admire my beauty,

To comment on how special I was.

Until one day, someone thought

It would be a great idea to light a match

And see how well I could withstand the heat.

I could smell the rancid sulfur

As the matchstick caught fire.

It was then that I discovered what true fear felt like.

The sensation of the intense heat

Violating my wick

Was too much to endure.

I screamed and crackled

As the fire invaded my wick.

I cried tears of wax

As the fire melted my beauty away.

I wished there was some way to stop it,

To keep it from taking away

All that was pure and perfect about me.

I wanted someone,


To blow out the flame,

To save what was left of my beauty,

But no one could hear me.

No one was even paying attention

To my withering loveliness.

I cried and cried

Until there was no wax left to cry with,

And when all my beauty was gone,

The flame finally burned out

And I was discarded.

No longer did anyone admire me.

No longer did anyone care.

I was alone,




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  1. Yvette I had not seen this before. I am grateful to have found it due to the tweet by PTL. Great stuff.


  2. Simply wonderful and elegant, Yvette.


  3. Simply amazing and elegant. Yvette.


  4. Hi, Yvette! Wow. I felt every word of each of these poems, Yvette. Every. Word. Beautifully written. Straight to the heart.


  5. Hi, Yvette! I have no idea why I’ve never seen this before, but it was a great discovery for me today. I totally get this! Well-done!


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