#RWISA UNIVERSITY – Higher Learning in Crafting Written Excellence – #RRBC

The literary world is quickly coming to recognize RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS {RWISA} as the premier leader-organization which embodies the highest standards for written excellence.

Since the inception of RWISA in 2014, we have received over 300+ applications for membership, yet, less than 50 author names rest on our roster.  It’s clear that we, unfortunately, turn away hundreds more than we accept into the RWISA fold…it’s also crystal clear that many authors recognize what this status means and they want to be a part of it.

As we sadly turn away so many, we are now seeing that although some may not be quite RWISA-ready now, many do have the “potential” to become one of the few and very proud members of this prestigious group of writers; we want to work hard to aid in their success towards that goal.  Many readers have now come to expect the quality of the reads produced by RWISA authors and are now looking first to the RWISA catalog for their next read.





Those who are eligible to become RWISA UNIVERSITY students are those writers who clearly have the potential to become good writers, but who are lacking the guidance and knowledge of how to fine tune their written work and their author platform;


-{3}, 6, 9 or 12 month program (student’s choice with the exception of the 3 month program which is reserved specifically for those students who are extended a special invite into RWISA’s 3 month program);
-Access to RWISA U’s ADMINISTRATORS (via email, phone, studio and or chatroom connections).  Administrators will provide feedback to improve on your manuscripts, book blurbs, web/blog sites, and your entire author platform;
-Access to ALL RRBC 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Writers’ Conference & Book Expo Sessions;
-(Individual) Private classroom for student and ADMIN connections for ongoing interaction and feedback, via comments;
-(A full RWISA Author profile built after successful completion of program);
-Online Graduation ceremony via Zoom with all the pomp and circumstance!
-Graduate certificate and badge upon successful completion of the program;
RWISA UNIVERSITY STUDENT” displayed next to your name under each category of the RRBC catalog where you have title listings, which will tell the world that you’re on the way to excelling as a writer.  Upon graduation, RWISA Author, will precede your name in all areas of the RRBC & RWISA forums.


-Recognition as a writer who cares enough to put out only the best in written excellence;
-Your own author 3-page profile on the RWISA site, one of which is a written sample submitted by you, showcasing your writing talent;
RWISA Membership badge to display on all of your web/blog sites and other social media forums;
-Listed as “RWISA Author” in the RRBC catalog, under each genre that you have book listings.  RWISA Author name listings in the RRBC catalog are in a larger font than other member names, so that they  stand out more;
-“RWISA” listed next to your name on the RRBC online roster, which tells potential readers that you are a skilled writer whose books are quality reads;
-Extra promotion as a RWISA Author;
-Selection as RWISA BOOK OF THE MONTH Author for all supportive members;
-Selection as a guest of RAVE WAVES “BUY THE BOOK” BlogTalkRadio Show to promote your book, for all supportive members (your acceptance of this interview is optional);
-Inclusion in the RWISA Annual Anthology;
No annual membership fee (as long as you’re an active & supportive member)

The RWISA application fee is $75.00.  If you have ever wanted the opportunity to become a member of this prestigious group of writers, now would be the best time to do so.  Working with some of the most talented writers in the literary field who are also RWISA Authors, will give you the “boost” you need to finally be aligned with the best.



To pay your application fee, please visit the PERKS, PROMOS & PAYMENTS page on the RRBC site.  We suggest that you first read thru the information found on our MEMBERSHIP REQUEST page as well as visiting our FAQ page via the link below.


To learn more about RWISA UNIVERSITY, please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) forum.


If you are interested in merely making application to RWISA without joining RWISA UNIVERSITY, simply click HERE.



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  1. Hi all, I’ve applied. I indicated 12 mos with the sincere hope to complete the classes sooner. I’ve no doubt this will be a valuable learning experience. Thank you Wendy for the outreach.

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  2. RWISA University is doing exactly what it was intended to do with our first graduate! Anyone interested in honing their writing craft would benefit from RWISA U!


  3. Hi.
    I’ve already applied and paid for RWISA UNIVERSITY. I’m ready to go. Just need some direction what to do next.

    Looking forward to this. I see you mentioned 3 months as a recommended time frame. I added another 3 months. (guess I’m insecure.)


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