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Raymond has eight published books available on Amazon and various re-sellers. Predominately Thrillers, his books lean towards the supernatural at times, especially witchcraft and the era of persecution.

During his childhood Raymond lived in the village of Mistley, Essex, England. Matthew Hopkins, the infamous Witchfinder General of the 17th century once owned an inn located in Mistley and tested his first witches in the area.

“The Haunting” is based on an actual building that the author once visited in 1976 with a view to purchasing. A disused bakery, it stood quite alone on a crossroads in Lincolnshire, England. The evil presence in the building was so apparent that he had great difficulty in forcing his way outside. To this day Raymond has no recollection of locking the door or even handing back the keys to the estate agent!

The Digby Rolf Mystery series features a young Anglican priest and his quest for justice in a world laced with devilry and corruption. Once again, the books feature a measure of the supernatural, symbiotically mixing two belief systems.

Raymond has also had success in writing for those with a dark, humorous bent. “The Importance of Being Roger” will suit those readers familiar with the works of Tom Sharpe and Ben Elton.

Currently living in an old gold mining town in Australia, Raymond finds his creativity stimulated in the old wooden Wesleyan chapel where he and his wife live. It is the oldest original building in the town and dates from 1871.


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