June #RWISA “RISING” WRITER! @DLFinnAuthor #RRBC #BoardAppreciationMonth

Each month we will profile one RWISA “RISING” WRITER!  Each RRW will have a specially created 1 + minute video clip, profiled and promoted here during their month.  Each RRW will also receive a special announcement during the RAVE WAVES “BUY THE BOOK” segment of their highlight month.

Please join us in the high-profile promotion of this rising star thru-out the literary stratosphere, by visiting their author page and author showcase and leaving your comments.  Don’t forget to share this page and all their other profile pages from the RWISA site, on each of your social media forums.

D. L. FINN was our RWISA “RISING” WRITER back in 2017 but in honor of BOARD APPRECIATION MONTH at RRBC, we wanted to promote her again, adding her newer books into the promotion.  D. L. is our Social Media Director for RRBC/RWISA and she is a fantastic supporter of our members.  Let’s give back a little of what she gives us…I say a little, because there is no way that we could ever match her giving!

CONGRATS, again, D. L.!!!





Just Her Poetry by D. L. Finn


The Button by D. L. Finn


Big Foot by D. L. Fin

*To learn more about D. L., please click HERE!


Each of our awesome (supportive) RWISA Authors will have their own month to shine, right here in the RWISA “RISING” WRITERS forum!  You could be next, so ensure that you are supporting this RRW!




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  1. D.L. Finn, Author June 8, 2019 — 7:39 am

    What a huge surprise! Thank you for this amazing honor. I’m kind of speechless:)


  2. My thanks to all of you for the honor to be Rising Writer for the month of May. I am honored to be among such outstanding Indie authors as those in RWISA.
    My book, Novy’s Son will be available for 0.99 (Kindle) in U.S. and U.K. from May 24-28. The message is about the importance of a healthy and honest father-son relationship. Although it is a novel, I based it on male members of my family.
    Davida: Model & Mistress of Augustus Saint-Gaudens will be available for 0.99 in U.S. and U.K. from May 29-31 in Kindle format.
    Thank you again for the privilege and honor to be the Rising Writer for this month.

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  3. Congratulations, Karen! You are most deserving of this recognition. Your books are remarkable. ♥


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