Watch Write Showcase Tour

Welcome to the 2019 WATCHRWISAWRITE Showcase Tour!

This month, we have 16 awesome writers on tour, showcasing their writing ability via short snippets of their never-before-seen written works of art.  Each day, one author will be profiled on multiple blogs until the next day, when it will be another author’s time to shine in our spotlight.

We invite you to check out each piece, no matter which blog you find them on, and then let the author know what you thought of their work via the comments sections.  After enjoying the piece, we ask that you visit the author’s RWISA Profile Page here on the RWISA site, where you will find more of their work to enjoy.

Lastly, we ask that you pick up copies of these members’ books to show your support of them and to also add some enjoyable reads to your library.

Please include both the #RRBC #RWISA #RWISAWRW hashtags when sharing the showcase pages on your social media platforms.  Please search the same hashtags so that you can retweet others who are also showing their support and so that you’re able to find which blogs each piece is on that day.

Thank you for your support of RWISA Authors, and if you’re interested in adding your name to the RWISA Roster, you may make application by clicking HERE!



7/1/19 – John Howell:  “ROAD”

John Howell photo

7/2/19 – D. L. Finn:  “Poetry II” 

D. L. Finn

7/3/19 – A. M. Manay: “MIRROR, MIRROR” 

A. M. Manay photo

7/4/19 – Rhani D’Chae: “WINTER OF THE DRILL”  excerpt

Rhani D Chae photo

7/5/19 – Gwen Plano:  “THE ROSARY” 

gwen at desk

7/6/19 – Linda Mims: “SOLACE” 

Linda Mims

7/8/19 – Nonnie Jules:  “SILENT TEARS”

7/9/19 – Wendy Scott:  “THE AWAKENING”

Wendy Scott

7/10/19 – Mary Adler:  “BLACK NOTES BEAT

Mary Adler

7/11/19 – Jan Sikes:  “SHE DANCES WITH A MEMORY”

Jan Sikes

7/12/19 – Beem Weeks:  “DYING FOR A KISS”

Beem Weeks photo

The showcase will resume on Sunday, 7/14/19!



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  1. I’ve been having a great fun reading these spotlighted stories. I believe that RRBC has made a lot of us better writers. Great reads!


  2. The July 2019 WRW pieces are a treasure trove!


  3. I was just thinking this morning about the writing pieces that have been spotlighted so far on this WATCH RWISA WRITE blog tour and how they are even better than last year’s. That’s what I love about being a RWISA member! We are encouraged and pushed to be better writers!


  4. This Watch RWISA Write showcase tour has started with a bang!! Wow!


  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your story. 😀


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