Members, before you make application to RWISA, please ensure that you are a supportive member within RRBC.   Our President, Nonnie Jules, is working extremely hard to build RWISA into a forum equal to and if not greater than, what she has created at RRBC.  She, along with many others, will be working diligently to push, promote and bring attention to you, your work and your author platform, ensuring that the world knows that you are part of an organization which houses only the best.

When readers, publishing entities, media outlets, etc. are looking for those who truly care about and deliver good/great writing, we want them to look no further than RWISA!  Because Nonnie feels strongly about supporting others, she wants to feel confident that she is throwing her full support behind those who also extend themselves to, and for the benefit of others.

Also, before you make application for membership, take a look at some examples of well-written:


From Sorrow to Joy by Gwen Plano

Poetry by Nonnie by Nonnie Jules


“OPEN, SHUT” by Nonnie Jules



Amazon Author Bios:

Peggy Hattendorf



Q:  Do I pay my processing fee when I complete my MEMBERSHIP REQUEST Form?

A:  YES!  In the beginning, this answer was NO, but since we have had members to complete membership requests, then our Vetters took their time to vet and approve said members, only for them to turn around and decline the invitation, as of 6/5/16, the response has changed.  If you are serious about adding your name to the RWISA roster, please submit your $50.00/non-refundable processing fee at the time you make application.  If your application is declined, at that time, your fee becomes refundable and you will receive a FULL REFUND of your fee within 7 business days.

Our Vetters spend a lot of time devoting their full attention to the vetting of each member application, and it is unfair for them to have wasted that time for naught.  Again, if members are serious about being added to our roster, they won’t mind this change in process at all.

(NOTE:  If you are one who has a hard time accepting critiques of your written work and are of the mindset that just because you are heavily degreed in writing that you are above critiques, membership into RWISA just might not be best for you).


So that our Vetters are able to get the most accurate snapshot of your writing, along with submitting a membership request form, you must also submit to, a written piece of your work (freshly composed or previously published elsewhere), 600 – 1000 words.  Please submit this written piece no later than 3 days after making application and payment.  We cannot begin your vetting process until it is received.





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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to join RWISA. I consider it an honor.


  2. I am so honored to be recommended to join this great group. I will always try to do my best!


  3. Eric Borgerson May 3, 2018 — 12:28 am

    A heartfelt thanks to the person who suggested me for inclusion in this community. It would be an honor to join, and I would bring my best to the table.


  4. Couldn’t agree more, Fran. RRBC and RWISA are excellent for authors. I haven’t been involved as I should. After 23 years in the home where we raised 3 boys, we’re now living downsized, under construction. Dust, sheetrock and no writing space to speak of, I’ll get back in the game soon I hope.


  5. Thank you for your consideration, I’m very flattered.


  6. I don’t know who recommended me for RWISA, but I’m grateful! Any group that encourages excellence in writing is a winner!


  7. I enjoyed reading, I believe it was the first four authors ( I wasn’t counting!) but had to quit for now. Very interesting and varied. I made a comment on each, but didn’t see the one to Nonnie printed. I was particularly interested in hers because I have been writing poetry since I was eight years old. How much does poetry enter into your reviews? Do you critique those as well?


  8. Thank you for the invitation to join RWISA.


  9. Thanks for your time and consideration.


  10. Thank you for considering me!


  11. Thank you so much to whoever referred me for this group. What a surprise and pleasure it was. Thank you again for your consideration.


  12. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I appreciate everything your hard-working RRBC folks do and RWISA is truly an inspired idea.


  13. Thank you for your consideration. It would be an honor to be listed among RRBC’s RWISA authors.


  14. I am so proud and excited to be offered the opportunity to join this group.


  15. Thank you for your consideration!


  16. Thank you for your consideration for my entry into the world of RWISA.


  17. Thanks so much for the invite.


  18. Thanks for your kind consideration


  19. Thanks for your consideration.

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  20. Thanks so much. Rave Reviews Rocks!


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