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Book Excerpt III


Christiana Lynn Barrington’s world is built, presented and controlled by her billionaire father, Jonathan Robert Barrington. She never knew anything else. Frequently she wondered if he’d wished to have a son instead of a daughter but she never dared pose the question. Maybe she was afraid of the answer.

Even her marriage was not sustainable with the demands and obligations to the company, Barrington Holdings International (BHI), or more accurately to her father.

To set the scene, Christiana, Jonathan and other key members of management are heading back to New York following the completion of a large scale acquisition.


As the plane lifted off from Los Angeles heading for the clouds, the celebration began. The team had completed a stunning but challenging major acquisition. Praise and triumph centered on Christiana, who had orchestrated the entire transaction. No easy feat in an industry dominated by men.

I should be ecstatic, thought Christiana. However, she was reflecting on another event of the day – the end of her marriage to Michael Trent. Her divorce was final. The accomplished business woman and overachiever had failed miserably in her personal life and her empty heart told the story.

As her memories drifted back to Michael, she reviewed her “underachievement: as both wife and mother. Will I ever have it all again, she wondered. If I had a second chance, could I successfully balance every aspect in my life?

Wishing not to place a damper on the festivities, she went to the back of the plane. It was time for introspection, not celebration. Easing into the soft leather, she swivelled the seat toward the window and the recollections flooded her mind.

Christiana and Michael had a long, involved, complicated and seismic relationship during their ten-year marriage. Michael’s interests focused exclusively on the entertainment industry. Maybe she should have realized their relationship was doomed from the start since she never felt comfortable with the Hollywood glitz; but that was really not the issue.

With pervasive sadness, she knew the issue was and always would be her father and the prepackaged life he had created. One she had accepted, or at least resigned herself to lead.

Michael’s career starts to flourish and he heads to Hollywood.

Michael found Hollywood intoxicating, with contacts, promise and allure. Christiana was never a fan of Los Angeles as she was East Coast born and bred and her roots, her thoughts, as well as her style bespoke New York and Connecticut.

Christiana prayed Michael would return to New York. Michael however embraced his new life and all L.A. had to offer. He was now in his element and she was so far out of hers, it frightened her. Michael’s witty and fun-loving personality Christiana had fallen in love with evolved into a hard-charging, edgy, sharp-tongued, name-dropping, attention-seeking, flirtatious, narcissistic and looks-obsessed Hollywood type. When they hit the tabloids and were endlessly pursued by the paparazzi, she reacted – first with tears, then by mandates. There would be no compromise to family life and no sacrificing of the Barrington name and reputation.

Michael told her he needed this attention to be successful in Hollywood and believed it was once again her father who was of prime importance in their lives.

Circumstances made her draw closer to her parents and she purchased an estate next to them in Greenwich. Michael bought a stunning home in Malibu with a theatre room the size of a small house and ample entertainment areas capturing sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, making it the ultimate Hollywood party house.

Michael’s compelling arguments urging her to come and live with him fell on deaf ears and he finally realized she was married to Barrington and ultimately her father called the shots. Persistent fighting forced Michael to ask her to decide between their marriage and BHI.

Sadly, as if writing the final act to one of his plays, he had told her he knew the ending.

Marriage and family were overshadowed by Christiana’s career. She had to succeed. Failure was not an option. “Barringtons never fail. Barringtons think only of success.” Jonathan’s quote frequently appeared in her thoughts.

Staring out the cabin window into the blackness of the night, she was haunted by the departing shot Michael made when he left, “No man will ever be able to compete with your father.” Sadly, she knew it might be true.

His input was easy to recognize and she felt his presence even before he spoke.

“Come, this is your victory, you can rest later. You have just added to the Barrington fortunes,” said her father in an appreciative manner. He took her by the arm and escorted her back to the festivities.

Life took a hard landing.


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  1. Hi,
    The story between Christiana and Michael is engaging. It makes me want to know what happened and one day I’ll get the chance to read the book. I am sure of that.
    Shalom aleichem
    Pat Garcia


  2. I love this excerpt, Peggy! Christiana is caught in a trap, but I have a feeling she manages to find her way out by the end of the book. This book is at the top of my TBR list!


  3. One of my favorite reads! Thanks, Peggy!


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