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We admire anothers courage

While doubting our own,

Yet, we’ve prevailed mighty hardships

Battles waged and won.

We hold no trophies or medallions,

No headlines speak our name;

But fierce as a valiant warrior

The victor we shall claim.

Our scars tell a story,

We braved the fiercest storms

For we are both the pioneer and vessel,

That ventured into the unknown.

We all have loved and lost,

Souls departed much too soon;

Some denied their curtain call,

All fought the tempest of ruin.

We are not of myth or legend,

Our hearts know the burden well;

We bore, sustained, and survived,

For into the fray we sailed.

Fear shall not cage nor define us,

Here we stand on vast, shaky ground;

So, let’s never doubt our courage;

Dare this mighty voyage… both noble and proud.

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