I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, quite a long time ago. When I was six or seven, I moved to northern California, where my dog and I disobeyed orders and spent afternoons exploring the bay. We found rocks and shells, crabs and fish. I touched the sandpaper skin of a dead shark and popped the bulbs on the ends of the kelp washed up on the shore. An afternoon at the bay was usually followed by an afternoon of
confinement – if only we could have avoided the tell-tale tar from the Standard Oil Refinery that matted her fur together or ruined yet another pair of my shorts.

When I was fourteen, I returned to Pittsburgh and spent the next decades yearning to live in California again. I yearned through college, teaching in Head Start, marrying, having children, going to law school, practicing law, becoming an associate dean at a medical school, and pursuing photography. During the yearning years, I returned to California for visits to renew my spirit and research the mystery book I was going to write one day.

Finally, my dreams have come true. Sonoma County is home, and IN THE SHADOW OF LIES is the book I began researching so long ago.


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