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JOY NWOSU  was born in Enugu, Anambra State of South-Eastern Nigeria.  Her parents were Charles Belonwu and Deborah Nwosu.  She is the fifth in rank of the seven children of her parents.  Joy was born into a musical family.

Joy, now retired, was a music teacher, trained in Santa Cecilia, Rome, and obtained her Ph.D in Music Education from the University of Michigan, USA.

She has written and published extensively in national and international scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers.

Her short story, I COME FROM UTOPIA, was published in African Voices, Spring/Summer, 2007 and her first English novel, MIRROR OF OUR LIVES:  VOICES OF FOUR IGBO WOMEN, was published in 2011 and was shortised for the Commonwealth Book Contest in 2012.  She also has two books published in the Italian language.

Joy is a trained musician and taught music for 35 years.  She writes, performs and records folk songs.

Her latest book, LEGEND OF THE WALKING DEAD: IGBO MYTHOLOGIES, is a journey into the mysteries of life and death of the Igbos of Nigeria.

Joy loves reading romances and  mysteries.

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