The Author’s Story – @BRChitwood #RRBC #RWISA

Being an Appalachian lad I ate a lot of emotional soup…been trying for all the years to digest it. I’ve taken the easy and the difficult routes to get at this point in life, a point not so different from that confused kid who joined the U.S. Navy to escape the fragmented uncertainty of youth. All the mobility of childhood, all the harshness that comes with a broken and misplaced family, all the ensuing mistakes and successes, have all guided me to this place in time and space.

It is said that in the twilight years one reverts back to youth. For me, my youth never left me. It is still there, with the same titillating mind games and all the confounding realities. The tone here might speak of regret, remorse, sadness, and well it should, but,there have been so many blessings and reprieves from loneliness and searching.​

Here in the end, I have a good and patient wife. There are now grown children and grandchildren who make me joyous and proud. There is happiness in my life, so…​ Welcome to ‘Twilight’, where I delight in my favorite therapy​ – Writing! Books, short stories, flash fiction…


To learn more about Billy Ray:


*Author Showcase


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