From all of us to all of you, the Members of RWISA would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With much time away from work and school this holiday season, we invite you to kick back with some of these amazing titles from our RWISA catalog!


Merry Christmas from RWISA


It’s that time of year again when RWISA Island comes alive with Holiday Spirit, décor, and a good story. We invite you to sit back, sip your beverage of choice and let us share our story with you.

In less time than it takes to blink your eye, Professor John Fioravanti whisked Nonnie Jules away from hanging the last wreath inside the RWISA Island Community Hall, to the breath-taking foyer of the newly opened Congressional Hall in Genesis City.

Nonnie gasped. “Oh, what I could do in this space to transform it into a Christmas wonderland!”

“I’m sorry, Nonnie,” John began quietly, “Christmas has not been celebrated on Genesis for over 600 years.”

“Well, ‘tis time for some changes!  But first, you must get us back to our RWISA Christmas celebration.”

Njide is in Rome, far from home. She is looking out the window of her hostel at an empty street on Christmas day, wondering what her Pregnant Future holds. “This is nothing like Christmas at all. At home, the streets would be buzzing by now.”

Christmas Eve stretched in front of D.L. Finn as she sat alone, praying for a man in a red suit to drop by to offer her the magic of Christmas. Unfortunately, entering her home, the Red Eyes In The Darkness belonged to a person who wanted her dead and the cold gun wrapped in her hand was the deadly gift she’d be forced to give.

Across town, Harriet Hodgson wrapped the gifts for her twin grandchildren carefully. “I’m their Santa, cheerleader, and protector ― a true member of The Grandma Force,” she said. “Grandmothers are a force for good, especially at holiday time.”

Brody clutched his younger brother’s hand as they stared out the window waiting for their Visitors to arrive. Tom whispered into Big Ted’s frayed ear, “The nurse, Wendy Scott, promised that Mom’s not only coming home for Christmas, but forever, and that’s the only present I want.”

Jennifer bounded down the stairs yelling, “Dad is taking us on a ski trip to Switzerland for Christmas!” Christiana glanced up at her daughter, then shot a look of surprise to her ex-husband, Michael. He quickly added, “Peggy Hattendorf shared with me that you’ve always loved Gstaad, so I asked my travel advisor to make tentative holiday arrangements. Before you say no, she’s booked a three-bedroom suite at the Gstaad Palace Hotel and contracted to have it professionally decorated for the holidays. Plus, I’ve arranged for private ski lessons as a surprise for our daughter.”

“An Alpine Christmas sounds amazing,” said Christiana in an appreciative tone.  More time for me to reflect upon The Son Of My Father.

First to arrive at the RWISA Island Community Hall for the Christmas party, Young was surprised to find his memoir series under the Christmas tree. Except for Initiation, Unbridled, Debauchery, Turpitude and Metanoia lay unwrapped below the festive pine.

Claire Winters hid a brown wrapped parcel under her coat and slipped into the RWISA Hall. She had one goal, and that was to forever be rid of the Voodoo Destiny she’d mistakenly created. Thankful that Jan Sikes had made the suggestion, she slipped behind the glowing Christmas tree and tucked the parcel deep into the branches.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, all that was stirring was Nonnie’s OPEN and SHUT mouth.  She wasn’t happy  AND THE MUSIC {still} PLAYED while DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER wept, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND slayed.  IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC, she would not have been alarmed, and THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE would have held more charm.  During the holidays, SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS, and although you might not believe it, Nonnie wrote this last piece of crap – HO! HO! HO! Yes, she did!

RWISA Christmas



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  1. This was such a fun story to put together! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted!


  2. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by love and laughter. 🙂

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  3. A very Merry Chrismas to you all!

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  4. I’m sending a heartfelt Merry Christmas wish to everyone on RWISA Island – May you surrounded by the ones you love and feel the peace of the season in your heart and soul.

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  5. Have a Wonderful Christmas, Gwen!

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  6. Merry Christmas RWISA friends!

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