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Truth is not debatable,

for integrity defends itself.

It is not held captive to the dogma of religion.

Or held bondage within the framework of theology.

It is not trapped inside the walls of college classrooms,

or oppressed by the lips of Baptist ministers.

It wears no stars of David,

Sings no Islamic melodies.

Truth is not religious

and is no atheist.

Truth has always been

and always will be.

It is neither canonized,

nor done away with.

Not stolen away,

or traded amidst the bowels of slave ships.

Truth is not lynched,

nor shackled against the cages of fear.

It refuses to shake hands with deception,

and will never embrace the arms of uncertainty,

because the truth is always certain.

It is sure to be like nothing you can ever imagine,

But be everything you’ve ever hoped for.

Truth is limitless

and humble.

It needs no acknowledgement,

and yet wears a crown.

Truth needs no confirmations,

and yet rules.

It wears no flowing garments

and is lowly,

yet royal.

It’s accepted by the faithful

and resisted by those who are afraid.


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