Welcome to Day 6 of the RWISA “REVOLUTION” Blog Tour!  We’d like to introduce you to an amazingly supportive RWISA member, Author, Jan Sikes, who is also RWISA Vice-President.  Take a peek at her writing below…


As with each new year that rolls around, I view it as an opportunity to start with a fresh perspective and clean slate.

When I looked back on my goals for 2020, I found with some sense of satisfaction, I had accomplished almost all of them, despite the pandemic.

Some goals remain the same from year to year, such as clean eating, exercising, practicing meditation, being kind, and gentle with myself and others. I classify those as my permanent or ongoing goals. They never change.

Setting expanded goals for 2021 was quite different. COVID19 has affected us all. Not only in the way we socialize, but also in every other aspect of life, from how we shop to the way we promote our books.

The necessity for self-preservation has catapulted us into a virtual world. We order groceries online and have curbside pickup. We now visit with family via Zoom calls, and so much for getting out and attending book festivals to promote our books. That simply isn’t going to happen.

So, when I took an elemental look at how to market my books in 2021, I realized I needed to harness social media’s power. 

The most powerful tool I have for marketing my work is, hands-down, my blog. I am fortunate to have built a substantial following over the years, which works to my advantage now.

I want to share with you some of the nuts and bolts of this fabulous tool, as well as some of the things I’ve learned about the art of blogging. Hopefully, you will benefit from them as well.

One of the greatest joys in my life is promoting and uplifting others. Because of this, I am always happy to offer my blog platform to support others, whether they be authors or indie music artists. And each time I spotlight a new author or artist, I gain a handful of organic followers. It’s a beautiful equation that works every time. It is the classic win-win for everyone.

The first and perhaps most important aspect of a blog is the title you create. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it is because the title needs to be eye-catching. If it isn’t, many potential readers may scroll on by and never take a peek. I know this from experience. I subscribe to a lot of blogs, so my email inbox is flooded each day. The blog titles are how I decide which ones I will pass on or read.

Some of the best practices in naming your blog post are asking a question, offering a solution, a list of solutions, or just making it fun and quirky. One recent post I wrote for a blog tour was entitled “The 3 P’s of Writing.”

That title makes you wonder what the P’s could be. I had a lot of success with that post. Fun and quirky will get me every time. You can also offer a promise of something in your title, such as a “How To” or a giveaway.

Another super important thing to add to a title is your guest’s Twitter handle (when you feature a guest). Why? Because each time that blog is shared on Twitter, it will tag them. It serves as a timesaver, and keeps the guest in your loop. I have found adding that one simple piece to a blog title gets it shared at least fifty percent more than a title without a tag.

Hashtags are another great way to get more shares. For instance, when I post a blog advertising a new book release, I will add #NewRelease to the title, which increases exposure in the feed.  

Whatever your subject is, try adding a few hashtags to increase visibility.

Another super important detail, as a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club and The Rave Writers – Int’l Society of Authors, includes adding those handles and hashtags to the blog title when the content is relevant to the organizations. Again, it is proven to increase visibility and sharing.

Blog content can be about anything. I have found my niche, and although it is broad, it works for me. I blog about every aspect of the craft of writing, books I’ve read, feature guests, new music from indie artists, and all things spiritual, from meditations and Tarot cards to Runes. Those define me and my interests.

It’s good to brand yourself. Make a statement as to what you are about through your blog posts.

Once you publish a blog post, I cannot stress enough the importance of engaging. When someone takes the time to comment on your blog, please respond. Just as it is rude to ignore someone who is speaking to you in a physical setting, it is rude to ignore blog comments.

When I host a guest, I emphasize the importance of engaging and responding to comments. If my followers and I are taking the time and effort to promote you and your work, the least you can do is engage and respond. Most authors are outstanding in this area. Music artists, not so much. No matter how many times I say the words, “You need to engage,” they don’t seem to get it. I think the biggest reason is the fact that many music artists hate computers and don’t have a lot of tech savvy outside the recording studio. Nevertheless, they miss out on potential new music followers when they don’t bother to stop by.

These are a few of the basics; things I’ve learned through my experience of blogging.

Facing an ever-growing reliance on a virtual world in the days, weeks, and possibly years ahead, by fully utilizing my blog site, I will continue to grow and flourish despite COVID19.

My blog is the compass, my North Star, which helps me navigate the turbulent waters of the world in which we live.

See you there!



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    Welcome to Day 6 of the RWISA REVOLUTION BLOG TOUR! Meet Author, Jan Sikes as she shares some awesome tips on building a blog following! @JanSikes3


  2. Reblogged this on PTL Perrin Writes… and commented:
    Learn some of the best blogging practices from one of my favorite authors, Jan Sikes!

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  3. Awesome, Jan! I hope you’re having a fabulous day teaching!

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  4. Great tips, Jan! I love all your posts. You’ve definitely found your niche. 🙂

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  5. Hi, Jan! Hi, Nonnie! Nonnie, thanks for hosting Jan today. And Jan, thank you for your insightful tips on blogging. I enjoy following your blog, and have taken note of how often you feature other authors and musicians. You exemplify becoming successful by helping others along the way. You and Nonnie both lead by example. It’s a pleasure reading everything you write. And it’s so good to hear from you after you survived the deep freeze of Texas!

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  6. Hi Jan–Great pointers on blogging. Your suggestion about featuring other authors on your blog is a great one. I’ve discovered talented authors through other blogs and by featuring authors in my blog. Hope you have a successful writing year!

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    Looking for pointers on more effective blogging? Look no further than this post by author Jan Sikes


  8. Excellent post, Jan! ❤ I forgot to mention using Twitter Handles in title as one of those great tips. Stay awesome and keep shining! xoxoxo

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  9. Shirley Harris-Slaughter February 22, 2021 — 8:06 pm

    Congratulations Jan!

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  10. I can only second that interacting with the community is the most important thing to do to engage! Great post and tips, Jan!


  11. Reblogged this on Writing and Music and commented:
    I am up today on the RWISA Revolution Blog Tour! And, I’m sharing some blogging tips! I’ve made some fabulous friends around the globe through blogging. A BIG “Thank You” to everyone who follows me!


  12. Jan, thanks for this post! It was like you read my mind – I’m new at blogging, have very few followers and struggle with how to get readers. So this was so very helpful! Thanks for always being so helpful to others. Thanks for hosting this, Nonnie! Glad to see you all back!!

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  13. Hi Jan, Hi Nonnie,
    Jan, I consider blogging also as a way to brand yourself and it is a nice way to find your own writing voice. It can also point you in directions to write that may be your strong point but one has overlooked.
    Nonnie, thank you for hosting Jan on your blog.

    Wishing you both a great week.
    Shalom aleichem

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  14. Have a great tour, Jan.

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  15. Excellent post Jan, thanks for sharing your tips. Have a great day on the tour. 🙂

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  16. Hi Jan,

    Reading Ghostly Interference was not only an enjoyable read but a delightful one. I experienced lots of emotions that touched my own reality. Thank you for writing a great book.
    Shalom aleichem,

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  17. Thanks, Jan, your blog resonates with positive vibes!!!

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  18. D.L. Finn, Author February 22, 2021 — 6:29 am

    Wonderful post, Jan, and so true. I do believe blogs have become more important over the last year. I don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. You make a very valid point about responding to comments. I tend to disengage from a blog where there are no responses. Also, just as important to respond when one is a guest! Tagging and hashtags sure do make a big difference I’ve found too. I’ve really enjoyed your tarot cards last year and equally enjoying mediation Mondays, and the runes series, along with your other posts. Thanks, Jan.


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