First, I’d like to thank all of the RWISA members who participated in this eye-opening and very moving event.  We have been blessed to read all of your beautiful posts and to listen in,  albeit virtually, to all the ways you would change our world for the better if you had an abundance of time and money.  You gave us a glimpse inside of your hearts and we cannot thank you enough for sharing that side of you.

Now, it’s my turn.

When I was a child, the world was a very different place than the one I live in today.  I didn’t know of any homeless people, I didn’t know that there were children going to bed hungry, I’d never heard the term ‘illegal immigrant,’ I wasn’t afraid to walk to school nor did I sit in fear of  someone entering the building and spraying my classroom with bullets while we were being taught, it was OK to walk down the street alone, we slept with our windows open and sometimes our doors, and I’d never experienced the hatred and divisiveness that permeates our land today.

Growing up, all I knew (and felt) was love and community.

Some of you have shared posts of experiences so horrific, I couldn’t even read them all the way through; and then, there were posts that infuriated me to my core.  But, even with that vast array of emotions evoked, I still walked away appreciating and respecting each and every one of you for who I know you to be in my eyes.

I live a comfortable life…my children have grown up in immense and the fiercest love and have always (even now) been showered with affection grander than any fairytale that could ever be written; the husband that I was blessed with…a mixture of Job (from the Bible) and Prince Charming himself.  I’ve never met another like him and I doubt that I ever will (although I do hope God created more exactly like him as I have daughters, and men “just” like their Dad is what I wish for each of them in husbands).

So, if there was nothing standing in my way, here are the ways I’d change the world:

  1. Everyone would come straight from their mother’s womb as if they’d just graduated under the tutelage of  Miss Manners herself.   There would be no rudeness or ugliness of any kind displayed anywhere – not publicly, not privately, and not even via words on a screen. R E S P E C T would be the rule of the land. (Have you gotten the message by now that manners and respect are super-important to me?)
  2. Children would never go to bed hungry and they would always be loved and made to feel safe;
  3. Homelessness would be unheard of because all the vacant property we see just standing around in our cities year after year, I’d make them livable and FREE to all who couldn’t afford to pay for a roof over their heads;
  4. It would be against the law to look down on or to make any other human being feel inferior or less than because of their economic situation;
  5. The term ‘illegal immigrant’ would be no more and everyone with a beating heart would simply and respectfully be referred to as a ‘person;
  6. The justice system would, in fact, offer justice for all;
  7. Black lives would matter;
  8. White lives would matter;
  9. Brown lives would matter;
  10. All lives would matter because…
  11. Racism would be no more and Martin Luther King’s  dream would be played out all over the world, in every neighborhood (on the red hills of Georgia, the state of Mississippi, down in Alabama, from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire, from the mighty mountains of New York, from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania, from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado, from the curvaceous slopes of California, from Stone Mountain of Georgia, from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee); it would be a thing of the past, but this time, it would reside only in the ‘memories’ of history books;
  12. We’d honor our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence“In a sense, we have come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”;
  13. There would be no rich and there would be no poor.  Everyone would be equal in ALL things under the sun;
  14. No man, woman or child would ever suffer or die because of a lack of health insurance and health insurance would be at a decent and reasonable cost to all;
  15. The first time a child was reported missing, police would immediately spring into action.  Waiting periods would be done away with in these cases;
  16. Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, human traffickers, child abusers, child molesters, and LIARS would be burned at the stake.  (I’m the witch who stepped down to make room for them);
  17. Lies told to destroy the lives of innocent people would be a punishable offense under the law with extremely severe consequences;
  18. {In full disclosure, I am a gun owner.} There would be no guns and if for some reason I couldn’t make this happen, everyone who uses a gun for any purpose other than protecting themselves and their families would be punished in the same fashion that they used it.  You kill someone, then the death penalty is waiting for you – and not years from now while you hangout on death row…on the Tuesday after;
  19. All Presidents of the United States would have to sign a contract of employment and at the first show of incompetence or mental instability, they would immediately have to resign their post.  In my lifetime, I’ve only ever seen one instance where this was desperately needed, and so as not to leave anyone wondering (as if there could be ANY doubt) I’ll be so bold as to say that I’m referring to the nut tweeting from the Oval Office right now;
  20. Every human being would care more about their neighbors and their fellow man than the $$$ in their bank accounts.  Look at it this way, when you die, you can’t take it with you so why not share it with those less fortunate than you, while you’re here?

There you have it.  In no particular order, these are the items most important to me and thus the things that I would change in our world if I could.  These are also things that you could work at changing, even in small ways from your little corner of the world. I won’t mind at all if you borrow from my list and ACT!

I raised my children with the mentality that if one of them becomes rich, then the other becomes rich, too.  When one has, the other has. That means, if one has only a dollar, her sister would get half of it.  That’s how I’d have the world if I could change it.  Each of us would have that same mentality – if I have, you have.  If we change our minds, we can collectively change this world of ours.

I hope you have enjoyed my post.  Every word came straight from my heart.  Remember, WE are the world and if we all work together, we can better our own lives and the lives of those around us, if only we would just RISE UP!

~RWISA Author, Nonnie Jules


Thank you for dropping by the final stop of the RWISA “RISE-UP” blog tour.  We hope that the message contained here has moved you in some way to RISE UP and do something; one small change could impact the life of another without you even knowing it.  Don’t just sit around talking about the problem, be part of the solution.  It doesn’t take much when you decide that you are going to RISE UP!

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  1. Thanks for your inspirational thoughts, Nonnie! Yes, I also grew up in a time when children still had respect for their parents and their teachers, a fear of God and a love of neighbour. If I could change anything in the world, I would want greed to be a thing of the past. Whether it is displayed in a family or in the country. Eliminating greed will remove most of the evils we see around us, replacing it with love – love of God and neighbour. Thanks for this wonderful blog. Maretha Botha


  2. Your list reflects what heaven on earth might be like. It all starts with you and me.


  3. This is a very formidable list, Nonnie. Well done! We have our work cut out for us!


  4. Nonnie, what you’ve described here is nothing short of Heaven on Earth. It is a wonderful dream to have and I agree with every single point you made here. It would be so incredible to live in a world like the one you laid out. Thank you for inspiring us with this theme, and for pushing us to be our best selves! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family!


  5. Some interesting ideas, Nonnie. Thanks for sharing. 😀


  6. Thanks for your beautiful words Nonnie.I too was fortunate to be brought up in a household full of people and lots of love.
    Your sentiments I feel certain will be echoed by many.
    At the moment my life is filled with caring for sick and elderly family members. And the amount of hospital visits with ex colleagues and friends reminds me of my many years working as a trained nurse. A small price to pay for still being alive and well.
    I wish that human beings are kind and helpful to their fellow man. Thoughtfulness and caring costs nothing and means so much to the recipients.


  7. Thanks, Nonnie, I remember a childhood full of freedom, but there’s no way we could give our son the same parameters, as sadly, the world has changed since those carefree days. A righteous list, indeed.


  8. D.L. Finn, Author November 26, 2019 — 6:29 am

    Things have certainly changed. I completely agree that treating each other with respect and showing kindness is lacking but necessary now. I enjoyed the list format it allowed so many subjects covered and a couple I hadn’t thought of! Very inspiring and full of common sense:)


  9. peggyhattendorfcom November 26, 2019 — 4:48 am

    It’s time to bring “common sense” into a vision of how to make the world a better place. Well stated, Nonnie.


  10. Yvette M. Calleiro November 26, 2019 — 2:39 am

    Well said, Nonnie! I, too, grew up in a time when the fears of today didn’t exist. Today’s children do not have the innocence that we once had because our world today has become too mean and dangerous. I, too, would wish for your list. Today, my school performed another active shooter drill. Every time we have to do this, it drains me. I would love for our world to become a place where those don’t have to exist. :-/


  11. Bold agenda, Nonnie. A lot of work to do.


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