Language Development: The Best Gift for Baby

Books can shape lives. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Reading to Children from birth, as young as two weeks old. According to the Academy, reading to infants is the best way to foster brain development. If money wasn’t an issue, I would start and operate a Books for Babies program.

Every newborn baby would receive a box of board books and picture books tied with a bowl. There would be a dozen books in the box, one for each month of the year. The box would also contain a baby blanket and information sheet for parents on the benefits of reading aloud to infants.

The best gift we can give a baby is the gift of brain development. Small as it seems, receiving a box of books can shape a baby’s life and, in some instances, change a life. From infancy, the baby hears parents’ voices, sees stimulating pictures, and is physically close to parents. Reading to a baby can become a regular snuggle time.

Books for Babies could lead to global literacy—extensive vocabularies, new and challenging ideas, development of critical thinking, and useful communication skills. Years from now, we may look back and see that Books for Babies is a gift for the whole world.

~RWISA Author, Harriet Hodgson


Thank you for dropping by today’s RWISA “RISE-UP” stop.  We hope that the message contained here has moved you in some way to RISE UP and do something; one small change could impact the life of another without you even knowing it.  Don’t just sit around talking about the problem, be part of the solution.  It doesn’t take much when you decide that you are going to RISE UP!

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  1. Harriet, that’s an awesome idea! 😀


  2. This is an excellent idea, Harriet. Thanks for enlightening me about how soon we can read to babies after they’re born. I liked the idea of twelve books and I wonder if you have suggestions for newborns?


  3. This is SO true, Harriet. I am incredibly blessed that all my grandchildren have a deep love for books and reading. And, it all started before they could even sit alone! Great post!


  4. Reading to children is fundamental to their development. Terrific post, Harriet.


  5. Not only does reading to babies stimulate their development, but it makes them feel loved and nurtured. Great post, Harriet.


  6. Yvette M. Calleiro November 24, 2019 — 7:58 pm

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I can even see every birth certificate being attached to a registry with the parents’ preferred language(s). How wonderful would it be if every child (and family) would not only treasure stories but would also be given that personal time with their families! I love it! ❤

    I've read to my son from the time he was in my womb. Lol! He is 13 years old now, and he still reads books. Granted, I have to insist on it, though I know he enjoys it. I started a routine once he was independently reading. As soon as school is over and I pick him up, I turn the radio off in the car and I ask him to tell me about his classes and his day. After that, he grabs his book and reads on our way home. He has to read at least one chapter but he can read as much as he wants after that. After he finishes reading, I ask him to tell me about what he read. I can't begin to count the number of books that he's read. He's read the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, the Harry Potter series, my series (lol), and a ton of other books. 🙂 He is articulate, takes advanced classes, is an independent thinking, and can communicate well. And I know that books had a lot to do with that! 🙂

    I hope that one day you are able to help make this dream come to fruition. 🙂


  7. D.L. Finn, Author November 24, 2019 — 6:17 pm

    So true, Harriet! I love your idea. I always make sure books are included on all my baby gifts.


  8. A great post. I started reading to my boys from when they were born.


  9. I love your message, Harriet. I believe that the sound of the voice, rhythm, and melody have positive effects on the baby. Maybe we can start such a movement: Books for Babies.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Harriet.

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  10. A wonderful idea, thanks Harriet. We read to our son before he was even born!


  11. peggyhattendorfcom November 24, 2019 — 5:41 am

    A “Books for Babies” program is a very practical way to “make the world a better place.” Great suggestion, Harriet.


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