“If money and time were not objects, what would you do to change the world?”

Since I first heard of this theme, I have racked my brain, trying to come up with the perfect idea. But, for me, it’s not about a single idea. It’s several little ideas. Little ways of making things better for people, to make our world better. I can’t even tell you where I would start because I feel every idea that has flooded my mind and heart is equally important. It would all be a start in the right direction.

Homes for the homeless – There are too many abandoned buildings and homes for there to be as many homeless people as there are. It’s heartbreaking. In this day of the tiny homes obsession, something should be done. I’ve seen people take something as simple as an old bus or shipping container to make a very accommodating home. How easy would it be to do this across our country? To give people a fighting chance, a real opportunity at a better life.

Holiday food trucks (or the like) – The holidays tend to be especially painful for some people and some families. I know in my hometown, there are few options available in terms of meal boxes, and those are limited to only so many people. The limitations should be lifted. Families shouldn’t be without, especially around the holidays. I imagine food trucks decorating all the cities, offering a variety of foods. Small picnic areas surrounding them, with lite holiday music playing in the background. Again, this would be an amazing stepping stone to an even greater idea.

Better insurance options – I’ve seen people diagnosed with horrible sicknesses and diseases but with no insurance and aid to help. People are turned away at hospitals because they can’t afford their employer’s insurance. They do everything they can to provide for their family but are neglected in the healthcare system.

Hospital Family Assistance – Speaking of illnesses, I see a lot of families experiencing hardships. Where their loved one is going thru a life-threatening situation and surgery or a hospital stay is necessary. The family shouldn’t have to worry about where they’re going to lay their heads at night or where their next meal will come from. Hospitals or even communities should take care of one another. Take away the unnecessary stress.

A better approach to trash/waste – Given I haven’t done any great research on this topic, but I do know that we have a major issue of trash and waste that pollutes our lands and oceans. Other countries have it right. Sweden takes garbage and converts it to usable energy. In India, they use plastic to pave the streets. Here, I see overflowing landfills, parks and roadways littered with trash, oceans and beaches covered in yuck. That’s not okay. This is destroying our home. With all of our technology, something should be done.

All of these are things I see in my own state. It’s heartbreaking to see so many people struggling. I feel like so many people focus on the bad news and all the negativity in our politics (not that those issues aren’t important), that they forget that the simplest of gestures can make the biggest difference. I know our world is filled with so much evil, but there are still really good people out there that deserve a fighting chance. They deserve more than we’re giving them.

Small steps in the right direction of good and kindness is what our world needs. That is what will make a difference.

~RWISA Author, Marlena Smith


Thank you for dropping by today’s RWISA “RISE-UP” stop.  We hope that the message contained here has moved you in some way to RISE UP and do something; one small change could impact the life of another without you even knowing it.  Don’t just sit around talking about the problem, be part of the solution.  It doesn’t take much when you decide that you are going to RISE UP!

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  1. I am very late in responding to which I apologize. Marlena, you bring up some powerful points each of which is achievable. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I like your concept, Mar. Life’s problems are many. There’s not a single fix. Each person and problem requires individual attention suited to that person or problem. Perhaps when we all recognize this, we can begin moving in the right direction.


  3. Hi, Marlena, I’m sorry I’m late. I loved your ideas for little steps that could start making a change around us. I see many of the issues that you mentioned around me every day, and it breaks my heart. 🥺


  4. Inspiring post, Marlena! Love is what it’s all about… ❤

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  5. D.L. Finn, Author November 17, 2019 — 5:01 pm

    Well said, Marlena! There are a lot of little things we can do to improve the lives around us. You touched on many of the issues that effect everyday living. It is overwhelming to think of all of it but we can do our part and if everyone does it will make a difference.

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  6. Inspiring post, Marlena! Every act of kindness can change a life, indeed. Cheers! 🙂

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  7. Great ideas, Marlena. Thanks for sharing them.

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  8. Thank you Marlena, I agree with you – “the simplest of gestures can make the biggest difference.” I love it when the News focuses on a project or effort by people to make a difference – no matter how small. We need the encouragement that the public can provide — otherwise we imagine that all is doom and gloom. Big hugs to you!

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  9. Thanks Marlena, your thoughtful suggestions show you have a huge heart. If the focus can be changed from profit to people, the world would have shifted in the right direction.

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  10. I totally agree, Marlena. There are lots of issues, not just one. And I also agree that kindness can go a long way to making our world a better place! Thank you for your heartfelt thoughts!


  11. Yvette M. Calleiro November 17, 2019 — 3:41 am

    Marlena, I agree with you! I understand that some of these changes are hard. People who work in a certain field will lose their jobs if we switch things up, but change is necessary in order for us to continue to be able to enjoy the world in which we are living. Maybe we can take those workers who currently lay the asphalt for our streets and train them to now turn plastics into new roads. Maybe food trucks can get a tax break once a month to set up in impoverished neighborhoods and treat the people to free meals. Maybe our hospitals can stop charging $75 for a piece of gauze and remember that they are helping to heal people. And I love the tiny homes for the homeless! I’ve seen a few articles where people are starting to do that. It will take out-of-the-box thinking, and it will take courage to step out of our comfort zones, but every small change in the right direction is worth it. Thanks for sharing these ideas! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Yvette! You’re exactly right. Some out-of-the-box thinking could help in implementing ideas in bettering our world, without interfering with others’ livelihood. You make a good point about that.

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