Is This What You See When You Look In The Mirror? #RWISA #RRBC



Many have asked “What is a RWISA writer?”

Rea with spirit in office pic
Author, Rea Nolan Martin

What does a RWISA writer really look like?”



Well, I’m going to paint a very vivid picture for you.  Here is the anatomy of …

*A RWISA Writer is one who loves words.  They are better known as “connoisseurs” of the written word and they share a special relationship with the written word.   Their command of the English language, almost superb;


*A RWISA Writer is adamant that what they put out  for the public to read is at its top-notch, absolute best.  Because we’re all human, when they find that what they have published is not up to their highest standard, they give no thought to the possibility of losing out on book sales but instead, quickly remove the book from sale until it’s fully ready for public enjoyment;


*A RWISA Writer enjoys constructive feedback on their writing in areas which their RWISA peers feel are in need of a bit of overhaul.  You can’t hurt their feelings when it’s clear that you’re trying to help them grow.  They appreciate you taking the time;


*A RWISA Writer has very thick skin.  They realize that not everyone is going to love their work so they continually work to ensure that it’s always the best that it can be, so when the sour-pusses complain, it’s clear that the issues lie with the sour-pusses;


*A RWISA Writer knows that a good book is well-written, properly proofed and edited with well-developed characters and story-lines;  it’s also an easy read and flows well.  They realize that all stories must have substance;


*A RWISA Writer strives to ensure that there is consistency across their entire author platform and realizes that a tweet or blog site comment,  reflects just as equally as a perfectly written book;


*A RWISA Writer has pledged to always uphold the highest standards in the areas of professionalism, via dedication and commitment to written excellence in the craft of writing, and via a clear desire to always publish, in any written arena, the best, most polished work ever;


*A RWISA Writer strives to serve their fellow members via displays of  exemplary character and their written works, to enhance the environment of the RWISA community;


*A RWISA Writer has no problem asking for assistance, professional or personal, when and if needed, to ensure that all who visit any area of their author platform and lays eyes upon their RWISA Membership badge, will know that it stands for EXCELLENCE IN WRITING.


And, there you have it…the ANATOMY of a RWISA Writer!  Is that who you see when you look in the mirror?  If not, what are you going to do about it?

Take a look at the faces above…they are RWISA WRITERS!


Are you ready to JOIN US?



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  1. Nicely presented! Cheers to all the authors!

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  2. Fantastic anatomy and a great bit of promotion for RWISA and its members.

    I especially like the “thick skin” reference. I earned mine in the newsroom of the Chicago Tribune as a new reporter right out of college and it just kept getting thicker with each passing year while I was running around the world covering war and mayhem. If a writer cannot accept constructive criticism, it is quite possible he or she will never achieve success. All of us need editors and readers are our toughest critics. Writers need to heed both.

    My two-cents worth.

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  3. Wonderfully explained! Proud to be a part of this group.

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  4. Thank you for the wonderful showcase, Nonnie!

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  5. Thank you for showcasing this wonderful group! RWISA should be every author’s standard!

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  6. Reblogged this on Room With Books and commented:
    An incredibly talented group of authors!

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  7. Reblogged this on Writing and Music and commented:
    Do you know what the Rave Writers International Society of Authors is and who it is comprised of? Take a look! I’m humbled and honored to be included!

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  8. A beautiful overview of what RWISA is and who it is made up of, so far. I am humbled to be grouped with this level of talented authors. It is my goal to live up to that standard of writing and living every day! Thank you, Nonnie. This was awesome!

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  9. This is lovely, Nonnie! It brought an instant smile. 🙂

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  10. An excellent overview of RWISA and an introduction to its writers. Thanks!

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  11. Nicely stated! And I see quite a few of those authors listed here.

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  12. harmonykentonline June 29, 2017 — 9:25 am

    What a lovely RWISA line up! 🙂

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