Blog Party 1

We’re coming to you from all over the world!

There will be 2 winners here today!

(1) $10 Amazon gift card!

(1) RWISA Swag gift pack!

To get your name in the drawing, please leave a comment below.  That’s it!  Easy-schmeasy!


I invite you to take a stroll thru RWISA Island (be careful so that the trees don’t swat you in the face as you hit the trail) and check out some of the showcases of these talented authors!  To get to those showcases, start here. Then, if you feel that your work is RWISA-ready, we invite you to join us!  Be sure to read our RWISA Pledge first!

And now…

the longer version with a lot more awesome-sauce!

There’s another stop along the tour today, and we ask that you drop by to support it, and all the ones you’ve missed! Here’s the line-up!


Oh, and one more thing, would you please #Follow our blog and our handle on Twitter, as well @RRBC_RWISA.  Your support is greatly appreciated in advance!


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  1. Awesome videos!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  2. Looks like my comment did not post for some reason yesterday. Anyway, I like the site, It’s a great way to showcase the RWISA talent.


  3. Ah, I missed you yesterday! Great post, and thanks!


  4. I enjoyed the trailers and putting faces to names. I can’t wait to read more of the books from this group. Enjoying this blog tour!


  5. Great introduction to your writers with the videos, particularly enjoyed the ones with the snippets of information/extract of work.😀


  6. This is definitely a unique stop on the tour! Lots of authors and books to peruse!


  7. I’m honored to be included with this incredible group of authors and I look forward to continuing my mission to read my way through the list! Thanks so much for sharing, take care, and enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂 ~Stephanie


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