Traditional vs Indie: My Little Two-Cents…again. #RRBC #RWISA

Recently, I wrote a post where I briefly spoke on the difference between being traditionally published and Indie published;  that post was called “Why I Choose To Be An Indie Author.”  A fellow RRBC member who is traditionally published, made a comment to the effect, that you have more promotion and support, etc., when you are traditionally published.  Well, here I am again, dropping my little two-cents on that matter.

While watching a talk show earlier today (I sometimes have to take breathers, you know), there was an author who writes under the umbrella of one of my genres.  These days, anytime I am watching a talk show or a news program and the word author pops up, I immediately run to my computer to look the author up.  I belong to an organization of such awesome people, that who knows, it could be a fellow member of mine getting some major talk-show attention!

Turns out, I don’t know this author and I don’t know her work, but when I went to Amazon, I did take notice of some of her stats of the book that was being promoted on the talk show.  The title of the book was called GOOD ENOUGH MOTHER, and the author, Rene Syler, who has worked as an anchor of CBS’s, The Early Show.

After reading the blurb, I noticed this book had only 14 reviews so I assumed that it must have been a new release.  Reading a bit further, I was shocked to find that this book had been published in 2007!  WOW!  That was approximately 9 years ago! Then, I noticed the book was published by Simon and Schusterone of the largest English-language publishers, founded in 1924, and a division of powerhouse, CBS.  (I guess that would definitely land them in the BIG traditional publishing lane, right?)

Now, in comparison, I’d like to share my stats…little ole’ me stats, as they stand today.  I am an Indie Author, I am a partner in my small publishing company, 4WillsPublishing, and I have authored to-date, three titles, co-authored one, and have appeared in a couple of anthologies.  Please, pay very close attention:

*May, 2013, published “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” a Parenting Guide – 25 reviews

*November, 2013, published “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER…” a Novel – 81 reviews

*March, 2014, published  “SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY…”  a Non-Fiction/Self-Help guide – 66 reviews

*February, 2015, published “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC…” a Poetry book – 18 reviews

Again, I am an Indie Author and I wear that title with great Pride.  I don’t have, nor have I ever had, a big publishing house standing behind, beside, or in front of me.  Yet, going back to the words of my fellow member, and I quote:  “The big negative to being an indie author is that you don’t get the book reviews and exposure that a big house can offer. I’ve found that most frustrating,”  I’m going to have to beg to differ.

I don’t need to say anymore, do I?  Not when the proof is clearly in the dates and the reviews, right?  I’m just going to leave you with my famous stare-glare and a two-word question in response to my fellow member’s opinion of traditional vs Indie publishing:

-________________-  “Oh, really?”

Cheers to being Indie!



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